T-Shirt Angel in ICU

Their son was 8 years old and had major surgery to remove a malignant brain tumor. The healing process developed complications and his seizure required an emergency action. The family gathered at the hospital during the surgery, and just Mom stayed the night once he was in recovery. It was a long night.

After a bit the nurse came and told Mom there was a person wanting to see her; but that couldn’t be as all the family had gone home. But the nurse persisted and Mom walked down the hall to meet a stranger. He was a slight man, wanting to give her son a new T-shirt he had painted beautifully with a Madonna, enhanced with gold and copper around her! It was stunning. He also brought Mom a prayer card and told her the boy was going to be Ok.
He said he was in his studio and felt led to paint the shirt and bring into her son.

This complete stranger answered the sweet call of God to replace her sons’ favorite T-shirt! The one with his favorite sports team logo on it that the emergency room doctors had cut off him in preparation for surgery!

The artist angel called several times to follow the boy’s’ recovery. Then they never heard from him again. Several years later USA today did a memorial story on a well known artist; suddenly they realized it was the same man who painted the shirt for their son. They though he’d probably would prefer to be anonymous in this act of kindness so we aren’t naming him here. But the shirt is framed in their home – as an angel’s’ gift would be!

Sindy – Met at O’Hare Airport – 6-14-14

Note: First Story from another person that God gave to me. Stunning

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