Scripture in the Lab  

God has blessed me with great medical care, and I have visiting nurses come and check on me as I’m rehabbing from some surgery.  Each week I need to have lab work done to determine the proper mix of the antibiotics I’m taking.  This week we couldn’t get my blood to draw, it was frustrating, so I asked the nurse to try again she tried, no luck – it appeared I was dehydrated, so I was sent to the local diagnostic lab to have it done.

I can’t drive yet so it was an inconvenience to have to ask a friend to take me – I know her life is already busy – thankfully she has a heart of gold and got me to the lab before they closed.  The lab tech did the draw quickly, no problem at all. I was thankful.

As I was leaving I felt like I was supposed to give the lab tech some of the Scripture cards I make and give away. I had one set left in my purse, I went back into the lab to give her the cards.  She was a bit overwhelmed, as she teared up she said how much she needed this right now … her live is so pressured, family, kids, school, work…it leaves her no time to focus on God. She just kept saying, ‘You have no idea how much I needed this!’

She was right, I had no idea, but her Father God knew – and He knew I had to get to the lab that day to encourage her with His Word. I’m convinced that is why my lab work couldn’t be done at home – God wanted to give  His daughter in the lab some of His love.

We talked a few minutes, and I and my friend left almost giddy. To be used by God in such a tangible way was such a blessing to us! We both knew it was a divine appointment.

Sandy – Boston MA – February 2018

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