Quite Time Thoughts....

God Crushes Road Blocks

Our QT 1-minute takeaway:070320 • A roadblock can crush you, or you can rely on God to crush it. My notes: – Daniel’s 3 friends would rather die for God, than live with the Devil. (Daniel 3:16) ‘The human spirit can endure in sickness, but a crushed spirit who can bear? Prov. 18:14 – Approach […]

Quite Time Thoughts....

Fear Indifference to God

Our QT Takeaway: 071520 • Fear indifference to God – Faith requires courage. My notes: – It is the law of the farm, you can’t fake a harvest. (Note from my journal) – When my only fear is that my faith may fail- that is genuine faith indeed.(Streams in the Desert) – Lord, sit at […]

Quite Time Thoughts....

Hard Tears Change Us

Our QT Takeaway: 070720 • Confident courage learned through hard times … changes us – for the better. My notes: – We hope to find that reservoir of courage, determination, and nobility when life puts us to the test. – We long for authenticity, genuine humility, and quiet confidence.(Cowboy Ethics) ‘In quietness and confidence shall […]

Quite Time Thoughts....

Time can bless others or be Self-indulgent

Our 1 Minute Takeaway: 100919 • Guard my minutes to be useful to Gods concerns My notes: – Oh Jesus, guard the doors of my heart from Satan’s attacks, give me discernment of his deadly sins. (Valley of Vision) – Life’s experiences draw us to God: Joy-Sorrow, Difficulty-Success, Hardship-Ease, Danger-Safety. (God Calling) – ‘Learn to […]


When God calls you to Give

When you feel that nudge inside you to give, jump out in faith and DO IT! You may never hear about the impact of your gift (no matter its size), but there are some instances where God gives you a glimpse of how He used your obedience with that nudge from the Holy Spirit. I […]