Leaf Blower leads to Forgiveness!

I was walking with my dog and saw a woman in her yard with a leaf blower. My leaf blower was giving me trouble so I asked her what kind of blower she had as it looked good and rugged! She told me then immediately started to complain about the sticks and the trees on the town property-how the town doesn’t care for anything!

Unexpectedly she went from complaining about the trees to the Town in general, so I asked her do you mean the schools too? Then she started ranting and raving about how the HS treated her son …labeling him grievously even before he even got to the HS. She complained that bullying came from both the kids and the administration! She talked about how it’s ‘Who you know’ and ‘whose butt you kiss’…She went on and on, flailing her arms and becoming visibly upset–I could see in her face she was festering this anger a long time.

So, I prayed quickly, and these are the seeds I dropped.
I told her about how you have to ask God to help you forgive…you really just have to let it go and leave it in God’s hands. I told her how God is watching everything and sees these people’s lives. They have turned their backs on God but there is justice in the end. Right now it doesn’t show but God sees it all…I told her about Community Bible Study offered at our Church, she seemed interested and said she might go some Wednesday.

I brought up the enemy and how it pleases him for her to live in un-forgiveness. I suggested she write a letter to the principle of he HS and then rip it up and throw it out…and I told her to look for simple blessings and to be thankful for everyday. She said her husband tells her the same.

By the end of the conversation her face was visibly calmer. I made a point of mentioning how God seemed to be with them providing for them. She agreed and mentioned surviving breast cancer. I asked her name and her husband’s and told her that I would be praying for them…

I walked away and said to my dog…
“Thanks God, for giving us a piece of the action!”

Mary – South Shore Boston – November 2013

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