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In the Time Given, Honor God- Not Self

One Minute Takeaway: 062719

• In the Time Given, Honor God- Not Self

My notes:

– How I use my time determines who I am

– Do simple duties well & success will come

– Jesus had no words of reproach for those he healed (God Calling)

– Is common sense on the throne of my life – or is God?

– Answer God truthfully- who am I? Who Do I believe HE is?

– Do I let God handle my PR or self-promote?

– God designed time to be a protection for us

‘ I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go.’ Gen. 28:15

– The midwife for Moses feared God more than Pharo. (Whitney Clapps)

– Am I futile, unproductive and ineffective?  Through prayer I can get my ‘want-to’ back. (Priscilla Shirer)

My Takeaway:

Fear God – use the time he’s given me well … to bring him honor, not myself.

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