Hostess with an Honest Heart

This summer is our fortieth wedding anniversary. We have been blessed and life has been good to us. About twenty years ago my husband surprised me with a new diamond ring, and suddenly our first diamond shrunk, yet it held a huge place in my heart. Fondly, I put it safely away in my jewelry box, and it sat alone for years.  A few months ago, I ran across it and thought it would be fun to wear it again, so I had it reset. It became a cute little ‘bobble’ for a bracelet I every day. I know it was frivolous, but it made my heart happy when I saw its little sparkle. Several weeks after ‘redecorating’ my bracelet, my husband and I went to Nashville for a weekend trip. While we sat listening to great country music my heart sank when I noticed the diamond had broken off the bracelet and was nowhere to be found. In the scheme of life, this was  a very small loss. Heaven knows lost jewelry isn’t something to morn, but I was sad.  My husband suggested we call the place we had just come from to ask them to look around – he felt confident it would turn up; I wasn’t so convinced.  Yet I called and asked them to look. Nothing was found. Then, about an hour later, they called me back to say they had found it!  The hostess, who works on the ground floor, had gone up to the fifth floor where we had been enjoying the view. Thankfully she stopped to use the restroom before she went back to work and walking out she felt something stick to the bottom of her shoe.  The diamond was stuck to the bottom of her shoe!  She immediately called me and happily reported it had been found on the bathroom floor.  She added that she never uses that restroom, it was just an odd thing…. Oh, how kind God is to give me back this little gem. My confidence in humanity went sky high, and now Nashville will always have a sparkling place in my heart! God was kind to give me back this little gem, and I believe the hostess with an honest heart will have extra jewels in her heavenly crown! Thank you, Nashville! Sandy –Nashville TN – February 2020


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