Fit of Dumbwaiter

The remodel was going well, but the flight of stairs from the front door up into the main part of the house was getting longer with each load of lumber and supplies. I began to realize that this house would be physically hard for us to live in, even if the tree top view from the living room seemed worth the effort! That’s when I had the idea to put in a dumbwaiter! It seemed extravagant at first, but I had to try and figure this out so I could save my knees and live there for many years.

Originally built in 1958, the house had had multiple remodels. We needed to find a straight shot up from the garage basement into a second floor room that made sense to have ‘deliveries’ come into for unloading. God is so good, and He sees the needs we have decades before we need them! ‘It just so happen’ that He kept a wall available in the garage that is exactly under the end of the kitchen counter where we needed to place the lift! If an architect had drawn it in from the first building of this house it couldn’t have been more perfect a fit!

I know it was more than ‘luck’! Anyone who has done remodeling would agree that this was a fun little miracle. Adding this type of precise overlaying one floor to the next, after the house had been built is pretty remarkable.

I think it is simply God helping me carry the groceries up the stairs, He is so kind!

Sandy – Cohasset MA – 2012

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