First at Graveside

In 1976 she took a new job at a Jesuit college, a venue completely out of her spiritual path of living. There she met and became good friends with Fr. Joe. Her son, who didn’t get his college applications in on time – ended up studying at the same college as he could get in there under the mom’s employment. Fr. Joe became his dean and mentor. Years passed and the family moved onto a new chapter in their life as empty nesters.

When the call came that the military helicopter had crashed and her son had died; it was Fr. Joe who flew cross country to be first at their side. He was the arms of God giving an eternal hug that this grieving family desperately needed. His care got them through the dark months, even years.

God had orchestrated all the details for them to meet, so that years later he could be in their lives to offer support and love. God had prearranged the friendship to be there when they needed it most.

Etta – San Diego CA – 1994

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