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Fear Often Shows up as Excessive Planning…

Today’s Takeaway: 042419

(Just a reminder, all my notes come from 4-8 devotionals I get to read each morning, they are paraphrased from other people’s work. If you’d like a list, just email me, happy to share. My goal is to distill others’ work down, and give you one ‘Takeaway’)

• Fear Often Shows Up as Excessive Planning…

• Don’t Plan it – Just Live it Out.

Today’s Notes:

– Deeds for God take effort- – 

– Don’t just ‘talk’ about God – live him out in front of others

– God lifts self-imposed limits

‘Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.’ Ecc. 9:10

Don’t be a Jesus dictator– love others unrehearsed

– Fear often shows up as excessive planning…

– Prayer= humble reliance on God

• Gentle spontaneous unrehearsed love takes effort. Don’t plan it- just live it out.

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