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Faithlessness stems from Self-Centered Life

Our 1 QT Takeaway: 062720

• Faithlessness stems from self-centeredness.

My notes to distill:

– You can’t be more like Jesus if you keep staring at yourself. (Bob Goff)

– God’s faithfulness does not change with my mood.

-God has made believing a condition of receiving.

– Prayer without faith degenerates into aimless routine. (Streams in Desert)

‘A fool finds no pleasure in understanding but delights in airing his own opinions.’ Prov. 18:2

– Our motives can be tainted with self-interest. (Church devotional.)

– Nobody is exempt from life’s challenges. (Dr. Charles Stanley)

My takeaway:

• A self-centered life degenerates into faithless aimlessness. …

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