Quite Time Thoughts....

Eternal Blessings Hinge on Sharing My All Now

Today’s One Minute Takeaway: 063019

• My eternal blessings hinge on the wisdom of sharing my all now.

My Notes:

– Let me bring my character to light

– “Old too soon, wise too late”

– Will I merely make a living or make a difference?

– Pass every blessing on. Stores of blessings await you in the years that lie ahead

– Love passes from one to the other going around the world on the God-current (God Calling)

– It doesn’t matter if I’m cheated, just so I don’t cheat

– God will lead me on paths of newness in ways I’ve never imagined!

– Be proactive in prayer!

 ‘Seek the kingdom of God above all else and live righteously & he will give you everything you need.’ Mat. 6:33

My Takeaway:

The more I share from my heart the more I’m blessed

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