Dementia Made a Miracle Move

My kind husband of 49 years has developed dementia and it has changed our home life completely. For decades, I have been an avid gardener and very independent. But for the last 2 years it has been an overwhelming task to care for both my husband’s needs and the upkeep of our antique home with its large yard. I realized we needed to make a change as my husband was having increased difficulty going upstairs to our bedroom. It was getting dangerous.
I began looking for a ranch style home on a much smaller lot. Unfortunately, the houses that we could afford all needed so much work they would not help our situation. The searching was very time consuming and just adding to my frustration. Yet I had to make a move happen as my dear husband needed increasing care. I prayed for God’s help daily, I knew He Knew my situation, yet I was struggling.
One day I was at an Open House in a 55+ community and the realtor told me to go look at a different home in the same community. I had looked at this community previously and had not seen anything workable. Still, I waited the hour and went to see the new listing. It was perfect! I was nearly giddy. It had just been remodeled, was fresh and clean, the kitchen had been redone, it looked brand new! The best part was that this home was just a few miles down the road from our son and two grandkids! I went home and told my husband I had found our new home! Now I needed to figure out how to buy it.
The problem was that house we had lived in for 40 years had already been on the market for 2 years and hadn’t sold. Understandably the owners of the little ranch did not want to take our offer with a contingency. We were unable to get a bank loan for a short period of time, so we borrowed funds from our family to pay for the new house. It felt so risky – but I kept saying, and praying – ‘God Knows, He will help us’.
Incredibly just 1 week after we made the move into the beautiful new ranch home, our antique house sold! Truly God delivered a miracle! The new owner was a builder who wanted to flip it, and he wanted a quick close. So, within 3 weeks of moving out we closed on the sale and could pay back our family. It was truly a miracle in our lives!
My husband and I love our new home. He is so happy with the new first floor bedroom and the few steps it takes to get from one room to the next. He loves the strong handrail up to the front door and the small yard that we can manage with the help of our son. The bonus is the neighbors are genuine and kind, welcoming and willing to share their lives with us, the new-found friendships are all a bonus! God truly knew our needs and delivered abundantly more than we could have asked or imagined!

Ginny– Kingston MA – December 2016

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