Dating Fleece….

I was single for over 3 years and really wanted to be in a serious relationship. There was no one “on the horizon” and I was struggling with despair. One night, I was having a tough conversation with God and asked Him for a specific sign to reassure me that He was in control. I very boldly told Him what I wanted as a sign. I needed to know that He was hearing my plea and that I did not need to panic about being single forever. I laid out my request – – that I be asked out on a date before Thanksgiving and to go on a date with that person before Christmas! (Yes, an outrageous request with very specific timing – but that is the truth.)

I laugh now, but at the time I was stunned by God’s answer. An acquaintance that I knew at church, but had never considered as a “potential partner”, asked me to be his date for the Christmas party at his work! He was handsome, kind, funny, athletic, musically talented and doing well in his career. He checked all of the “boxes” of what I was looking for in a spouse. He asked just before Thanksgiving and we went to the fun event a few weeks before Christmas!

God was kind to respond to my need for reassurance. His answer confirmed to me that He was truly listening to my prayer and had my future in the palm of his hand. I knew that He does, but sometimes the challenges, the “waiting” on God’s timing, the emotional sadness can cloud the view of God’s love. Life was not out of control and singleness was not a permanent situation, but I needed God’s reassurance that He had a plan.

The Christmas date gentleman and I did not meld into a serious relationship, which was fine with me. I hadn’t asked God for an immediate relationship. I had asked God for reassurance that He was in control. A few years later I did meet and marry a wonderful man whom I’ve been married to for 12 years now and we are raising our 2 children. God had a plan – – I just needed reassurance. I am thankful to God for his kindness and how He answered my very specific request in a way that undeniably reassured me that He was in control.
H.K. – MA – 2007

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