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Be Openly Unmasked in Friendship- Earthly & Eternal

The 1 Minute Takeaway: 062519

• Be Openly Unmasked in Friendship- Earthly & Eternal

My notes:

– Friendships transform life

– Friendship with God gives life, rest & shade

– I can be friends with THE DIVINE KING- I can call him and he’ll pick up the phone (so to speak) THAT IS INCREDIBLE!

– Realize His humble condescension to listen to & come to me when I call; I’m just dust …

– He never makes me feel like a waste of His time…

– Sorrow removes a person’s shallowness

– Sorrow makes us real- you suddenly have time for other people

– God looks for persistence not perfection

‘The LORD your God goes with you’ Deut. 31:6 (friends travel together)

– In the world dependence is frowned upon, in God’s kingdom it’s the key indicator of love

– Is my desire to meet Jesus greater than my pride? (Mary Southerland, Girlfriends In God)

– Am I lugging my collection of masks around? (M. Southerland)

My takeaway:

– God wants unmasked realness in our friendships – earthy and eternal

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