Basement Cry Heard

We had a flood the day before we moved into our 1726 antique house, so the basement floor was covered with a slimy mud. The hand hewn tree trunk beams were encrusted with spider web grime yet all our ‘storage’ boxes had been delivered into this filthy pit. It was our 4th move in 3 years during which time I’d had major surgery, closed a beloved business, left lifetime friends, and most importantly became empty nesters. My emotions were raged, my energy was dehydrating. I needed a hug of encouragement.

I stood in the middle of it all, trying to process what, who and where I was.

Defeated, I looked at my life – taped up in boxes and desperately asking God if this is all I amounted to. I wanted to know:

“Is this all I had to show for my life? Did anything I do matter?”

It all looked to be junk to me now, packed up and carted all over the country. I felt ashamed and worthless. I cried as I started to clean and unpack.

3 Days later I received a letter from a friend I’d lived near some 15 years prior! She wrote:

“God placed you on my heart today so I wanted to write a quick note. I wanted to share with you, that all those years ago, you were giving your testimony everyday in the way you and Carl lived your lives and I was watching. You truly were living His walk daily.” …
She went onto say she is now a Born Again Christian and wished we could be neighbors now. As sisters in Christ we could have such great conversations over coffee!

Now I really cried, only sweet humble tears of joy! Even as I write this, holding Karen’s note to me, I am overcome by God’s touching love and intimate care for us. He heard me in the disheveled muddy basement, and sent me a personal love letter!

He hears our cries, He answers our heartfelt questions. He loves us. Only Christ can take slimy mud and turn it into a cherished love letter direct from His hands.
Oh What a gracious FATHER caring for our spirits!
Sandy – Hingham MA – 2008

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