Angels Helping Us

Angel in the Framing…

In 1968 my husband and I built a 47 room building. The front part was to be used for our growing bridal business, the back half for our growing family. The basement was dug and alone my husband proceeded to lay the first sill planks on the basement walls. We had two part-time carpenters and […]

Angels Helping Us

Water Angel Saves 7 Year Old

Mom took the kids to the lake to enjoy a quiet summer day in upstate New York. The park was nearly deserted, with just a few families scattering the beach. Kindly the swimming area was sectioned off with buoys chains that delineated where it was safe to swim and Carl was playing around in this […]


Dating Fleece….

I was single for over 3 years and really wanted to be in a serious relationship. There was no one “on the horizon” and I was struggling with despair. One night, I was having a tough conversation with God and asked Him for a specific sign to reassure me that He was in control. I […]