Quite Time Thoughts....

A nations future is only as certain as the devotion of its defenders.’ (Ronald Regan)

Thank You Veterans! Your service blesses all of us!

Today’s QT takeaway:111119

• Obedience has great cost and greater reward

My notes:

– Oft times spiritual comforts are at their highest when physical well-being is at its lowest (Valley of Vision)

– Abraham did not choose what the sacrifice would be…he didn’t protest, debate or delay (O. Chambers)

– Willingness to depend on God and not myself unlocks His power in me (Jesus Calling)

‘…I pray you may know … his incomparably great power’… Eph. 1:18-20 (chopped)

– ‘Freedom often costs more than you expect but is always greater than you imagined.’ (Nick Pitts)

My takeaway: Freedom is costly. The soldier doesn’t choose his sacrifice- he chooses to obey his commanding officer for freedom’s sake. (Such an Abraham and Christ like example!)

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