Quite Time Thoughts....

Worship is Key to Life

3 days of Quiet Time today: 101719 • Worship is Key to Life My notes: – Praise unlocks the box we imprison God in (God Calling) ‘Yet to all who receive him, … he gave the right to be children of God.’ John 1:12 – John the Baptist baptized with water, that Israel may know […]

Quite Time Thoughts....

Saving Hope

Our one-minute Takeaway: 100519 • Saving Hope My notes: – I read my pardon in the wounds of Jesus (Valley of Vision) – God promises never to disinherit us (God Calling) – “Earth has no sorrow that heaven can’t heal.” (Thomas Moore) – Jesus came to deliver me from sin, yet I refuse him… (O. […]

Dreams and Visions

Compassion – Pride and a Pig

                                                           Dreams & Visions If there was an imaginary line down the center of the room, one section was primary, and the other section was secondary, you would find me in the secondary section.  The idea of being in the secondary section is not necessarily the worst possible placement but it can become frustrating […]

Quite Time Thoughts....

God’s Rest is Free

Our 1 Minute Takeaway:100119 • God’s Rest is Free   (not stolen) My notes: – God offers his overflowing storehouses for our use (God Calling) – “…my own wisdom seemed insignificant for the day…” (A. Lincoln) – We are not meant for only moments of inspiration- but for the ordinary days lived well in the valleys. […]

Quite Time Thoughts....

Lost or Lasting Work?

Our 1 Minute Takeaway: 093019 • Lost or Lasting Work? My notes: – ‘Jesus’ primary consideration is my absolute annihilation of my right to myself and my identification to Him.’ (O. Chambers) – God doesn’t make fine wine out of marble hard grapes- (O. Chambers) – Don’t fear the future, God is already there (Jesus […]